July 2019

Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia, the Reformed church in Milan, Italy. Growing together as a family in Christ.

Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia, the Reformed church in Milan, Italy. Growing together as a family in Christ.

During the month of July, I finished preaching through the book of Ephesians. This was a small but rewarding milestone for our congregation, especially as I continue working to master the Italian language. We are able to look back over the past eight months and see how the Lord had been very gracious to us through the ministry of his Word. We are delighted to see some fruit on the tree, as people are attentive to the preaching and regularly inviting others to worship. We are seeing more visitors, some who are attending to every week and beginning to participate in the life of the congregation. What a blessing to see our Lord make disciples through his Word and Spirit!

I am currently preaching a brief series on the psalms to finish the summer months while so many here in Italy take their annual vacations. Sometime in September, I hope to begin the book of Genesis. Thank you for praying for the preaching of the Word here in Milan! I could not possibly fulfill my calling apart from the faithful intercession of the saints.

New Members Class
Because we are seeing more visitors and inquirers, the leadership here in Milan felt that it was time to have a new members class for anyone interested. This fall, I will teach an eight-week course that serves as an introduction to our church, our beliefs, and our practice of church-government and pastoral care. Please pray for this class, that I am able to communicate clearly in Italian and that it would be a blessing to those who participate.

Bureaucratic Woes
Janie and I are still going through the bureaucratic maze of obtaining our residency permits (il permesso di soggiorno). At our most recent appointment at the immigration office, we were informed that our marriage certificate and Iain’s birth certificate, both of which we had to have officially translated and certified by the Italian court at the tune of 400 euros, need to have a stamp by the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles (!). This was a big surprise to us as neither the consulate in L.A. or the Italian immigration office (la questura) here in Milan had told us about this, nor is there any information about this requirement on the consulate’s website. We are learning to expect the unexpected; there is always a surprise in this process. We are presently jumping this hurdle. Our next appointment with the immigration office here in Milan is on September 18. We pray that all goes well and that we will finally receive our residency permits. 

Grazie Mille!
As always, Janie and I want to thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support. There is so much work to do, but the Lord is faithful and continues to sustain us. May the Lord keep us faithful with the time and opportunity he has given us to make disciples of Jesus in Milan. What a privilege! 

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