MAY 2018



We close escrow on May 29. Just like that, the place that has been our home the past fourteen years will have a new owner. We will soon leave the quiet cul-de-sac in Tierrasanta, taking with us the memories of life lived in the only house we have ever owned. Janie and I have found a new appreciation for the biblical reality that, as Christians, we are sojourners and pilgrims in this present age. The disorienting and uncomfortable feeling of being uprooted from the comfort and familiarity of home points us to the reality that our true home is in heaven, "where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God" (Col 3.1). Ultimately, the longing for home that we already feel (and we haven't even left the country yet!) can only be fully satisfied in the resurrection where we will enjoy our eternal home in the presence of our Lord.

Nevertheless, we still need to find a new temporary place to live in Italy. We ask you to pray that the Lord provides us with an adequate home. 


On Tuesday, May 15, Janie, Iain and I drove to the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles for our visa application appointment. We made this appointment months in advance and compiled a wide array of required documents. Italian bureaucracy is renowned for being complicated and inflexible. Thankfully, they received our documents, passports and money, and told us to submit our marriage certificate, Iain's birth certificate, and an ordination certificate (none of which were in their original instructions). We mailed those the following day. Now we wait and pray. Please join us in prayer for our visas to be granted. Without these, we are not able to live in Italy. 


Our older son Isaac was accepted to Providence Christian College in Pasadena, CA, where he will move in August. His sister Kayla, a PCC graduate, lives and works about a mile from the school. We are very grateful to God for his kindness to our family in this way. As parents living across the world from our older children, we are relieved to know that Isaac and Kayla will be near each other and connected to a healthy Christian community. 


Our 12-year old son Iain will move to Milan with Janie and me and begin 8th Grade this fall. We are still unsure where he will attend school. The choices are the Italian public school, homeschool, or (if the Lord provides funding) a private international school. Please pray that he will adjust to his new school, home and church, and make good friends. 


Until our departure, I am working on sermon manuscripts in Italian. I hope to have at least five or six weeks' worth completed in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. I know that there will be many things to accomplish as soon as we arrive in country (finding an apartment, buying a car, obtaining Italian documents, etc.). I am eager to preach the gospel and proclaim Christ to the people of Italy. Please pray that the preaching of God's Word will be in the power and demonstration of the Spirit and bring glory to Christ. 


Thank you for staying up to date on our transition to the mission field. We are thankful to God for you and for your support and encouragement. Please feel free to reach out to us by email. We would love to hear from you!

If you want to partner with us in this mission to bring the gospel to Italy, please send your donation of any amount to: 

Escondido United Reformed Church
1864 N. Broadway
Escondido, CA 92026

Checks should be made out to Escondido United Reformed Church. Please indicate that the donation is for the support of Rev. Brown as a missionary in Italy. 


Michael Brown