Pity the nations, o our God, constrain the earth to come;
Send your victorious Word abroad, and bring the strangers home.
We long to see your churches full, that all the chosen race

May, with one voice and heart and soul, sing your redeeming grace! 

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Andrea Ferrari

We have not loved thee as we ought,
nor cared that we are loved by thee;
thy presence we have coldly sought,
and feebly longed thy face to see.
Lord, give a pure and loving heart
to feel and own the love thou art.

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Andrea FerrariComment
JUNE 2019

Thursday June 6th marked the first year since Cristina and I arrived in Perugia. We are grateful for God’s sustaining grace and for his guidance as we are striving to encourage and animate one another in this new and awe-inspiring endeavor to plant a confessional church in the city of Perugia (located in central Italy in the region of Umbria). There are a number of things for which we are particularly grateful.

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Andrea Ferrari
APRIL 2019

Dear prayer companions,

It has been more than nine months since Cristina and I moved to Perugia. Perhaps, the most important experience so far has been the discipline of intentionally knowing the people of the core group and their families more intimately, as well as the geography of the place and also beginning to enter into the lives of our neighbors and making friends. This experience caused me to think in pastoral terms about the present trend for the recovery of ordinary Christianity.

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Andrea Ferrari