We hope that you would find these resources useful as you learn more about Italy and our mission work


Christ United Reformed Church

Christ United Reformed Church (CURC) began in the summer of 2003 as a small midweek Bible study overseen by the Consistory (the elders and the minister) of Escondido United Reformed Church and led by Rev. Michael Brown, then an M.Div student in his final year of study at Westminster Seminary California. CURC just finished a series on the Italian Reformation led by Rev. Brown. Check it out below:



The HB is dedicated to Recovering the Reformed Confession by recovering Reformed theology, piety, and practice. The name “Heidelblog” is derived from the name of the German city Heidelberg, where the Reformed Church there adopted an explanation of the faith in the form a collection of questions and answers. That explanation is known as the Heidelberg Catechism(1563). Dr. R. Scott Clark wrote several blogs regarding the Italian Reformation:


Ligonier Ministries

500 years ago, a German monk named Martin Luther started a protest that exploded into a worldwide movement. So what was the Protestant Reformation all about? Discover the answer in this short video narrated by Dr. R.C. Sproul.

Reformation italy documentary

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The Calvinist International

Gasparo Contarini was a cardinal in the Church of Rome who wrote a beautiful treatise on justification. Peter Martyr Vermigli, Benedetto Fontanini, and Gasparo Contarini were all figures in the Italian Reformation who were trying to reform the Catholic Church. Though their covenant theology was not fully developed, they sought to make the gospel clear. Posted below are Gasparo Contarini's treatise on justification.