2010 in Santee, California

Our mission work officially began in 2010 when Christ United Reformed Church in Santee, California ordained and sent Rev. Andrea Ferrari as a missionary to Milan, Italy. He served Chiesa Riformata ‘Filadelfia’, a small church in Milan that confesses the Three Forms of Unity. His labors as a missionary have been in view of establishing a confessional Reformed denomination modeled after the United Reformed Churches in North America. The proposed name for this future denomination is le Chiese Riformate in Italia (CRI), that is, the Reformed Churches in Italy.


2015 in Perugia

In 2015, Rev. Ferrari and Rev. Brown met with a group of believers in the city of Perugia who expressed interest in planting a Reformed church. They reached out to Rev. Ferrari after discovering his sermons on the web. After that meeting, this group began to gather every Sunday in front of a laptop computer in Perugia to worship with the congregation in Milan via Skype. Rev. Ferrari them also began visiting them every eight weeks to preach and serve the Lord’s Supper. The rest of the year, however, they remained without pastoral care or the sacraments. They met like this for over two years.


2017 in Milan

In the summer of 2017, Rev. Brown served the congregation in Milan for three months so that Rev. Ferrari could serve the core group in Perugia, which provided them with weekly preaching, the sacraments, and pastoral care. This was an enormous encouragement to them. By the end of the summer, both Ferrari and Brown were convinced that God was calling them to labor in these respective posts full-time.