Make theology great again !!!


You may be asking yourself – as I am asking myself today – what are we to do in 2017 ?

The late John B. Webster helps us to think : “One thing we might do is to try day by day to grasp something which is the simplest and yet the hardest thing for any of us to grasp: that the gospel is true; that growth in the Christian life is simply growth in seeing that the gospel is true; that Jesus Christ is the preeminent reality of all things. There’s no technique here, no special insight for which we must hope, no extra illumination which we might expect. It’s simply a matter of listening to the gospel often enough and hard enough until it comes to take up residence in our hearts and minds and desires. More than anything, we need to ask God to help us steady our lives around what the gospel declares to us: that we, the damned, have been delivered from hell, that we have been set free for life and liberty in the kingdom of Jesus Christ” (Confronted by Grace, pp. 20-21).

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