Rev. Micheal Brown’s visit


On occasion of our annual Conference on the Reformation for 2016 we benefited from the teaching of pastor Michael Brown from San Diego.

Pastor Brown spoke on Benedetto Fontanini from Mantua and of his precious gem “The Benefit of Christ’s Death”. After a biographical sketch, we considered the central theme of the book, namely the distinction between law (covenant of works) and gospel (covenant of grace). In the last session we thought about some pastoral applications on the importance of keeping focussed this distinction in the life of the church and in our Christian daily walk. In the two Lord’s Days he spent with us, pastor Brown expounded the book of Jonah, the hardened prophet, exhorting us to us to have a merciful attitude towards others as God himself. Since all of us are more or less like Jonah, we learn not to despise those who do not know the grace of God or those believers who think differently from us. Moreover, with the participation of elder Dan Palmer who came along pastor Brown for a week, we had two meetings with our elders and deacon reasoning on the life of our own church Filadelfia and on our future plans.

We repeated the conference on Benedetto from Mantua in Turin in the Turin Reformed Church. Moreover, in Turin we had a meeting in an evangelical bookshop in which we considered the book “Sacred Bond”, an introduction to covenant theology written by pastor Brown (along with Z. Keele).

Besides Milan and Turin we also visited Perugia, where we encouraged a group of reformed believers of that city in central Italy. We reasoned with them about the best ways to serve them more constantly and concretely until God will call a pastor for them.

Lastly, we spent four days in Bucharest, Romania, where we encouraged Rev Mihai Corcea and the other believers of the group. On the Lord’s Day our brother Cludiu Stefu was ordained as the first elder of what we pray will be soon fully organized as the reformed church of Bucharest.

We are grateful for the strength God gave us to do much in a few days and we ask you to remember in your prayers Milan, Turin, Perugia in Italy and Bucharest in Romania.


Your brother in Christ,
Andrea Ferrari.

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  1. Aaron Munguia says:

    Hello Reverend Ferrari. This is Aaron Munguia from first United Reformed Church of Chino California. Would you please give me your email so that from time to time we as the evangelism committee can email the missionaries we support.

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