Make theology great again !!!


In an essay on the place of the doctrine of justification, the late John Bainbridge Webster recalls Luther’s beginning of the Schmalkald Articles, where the Reformer points briefly to “the lofty articles of the divine majesty”. Webster comments that “it is the recovery of just these lofty articles which is required for a good ordering of the church’s confession about justification: there is nowhere else to begin”.

Then, looking at these softly articles, Webster makes the following observation about justification. “God’s righteousness in se is made known ad extra not in delivering the creature over to the penalty of the law but in the supreme act of fellowship, in which he takes the creature’s penalty upon himself”.

Is that not lofty and great ?

May God assist us to recover the lofty articles of our faith and make theology great again in our Western world, both in Italy and North America !!!

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