Let us Pray for Youths to Study Sacred Letters

 The Italian reformer Peter Martyr Vermigli trained a good number of ministers and theologians in Strasbourg, at Oxford University, and in Zurich. Vermigli had a passion for teaching the youth and in one of the few of his surviving sermons he exhorts a gathering of students by saying: “I congratulate you, my fine audience, on your zeal in gathering together so often to listen to the interpretation of sacred letters” (Peter Martyr Vermigli, “Exhortation for Youths to Study Sacred Letters”, The Peter Martyr Library, V, p. 277). Towards the end of his exhortation, Vermigli urges the students in the following manner: “By God immortal, I beg you, let us pull together our work, I by teaching, you by listening. Let us apply ourselves with supreme diligence to the word of God. We are called theologians and that is how we want to be known. Let us live up to our name and profession unless we should prefer being patrologists instead of theologians. Our profession absolutely requires us to deal with the words of God. In this matter we pay the highest honor to God” (Peter Martyr Vermigli, “Exhortation for Youths to Study Sacred Letters”, The Peter Martyr Library, V, p. 284).

As we think about the importance of the sacred ministry of word and sacraments, and that in it we pay the highest honor to God, let us pray for two young man who are studying at Westminster Theological Seminary in California with the view to come back to Italy to labor as pastors/church planters.

YI WANG came to Italy from China and became a Christian in Italy. Before attending Seminary Yi spent four years as a member of Chiesa Riformata Filadelfia of Milan, Italy. He is 27, he is married with Huimin, and is in his second year at Seminary.

VINCENZO COLUCCIA comes from a reforming evangelical church in Turin, Italy. A former engineer, he is 35 and is attending his first year at Seminary.

We deeply appreciate your praying with us, with the same passion of Vermigli, for more laborers in Italy.

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